Renowned wildlife photographer Joe McDonald writes...

“In January Mary and I conducted our second Photo Tour to Costa Rica and, as usual, it was a real success. Our in-country guide and tour operator, Greg Basco, showed me the PDF book he had just co-authored with Glenn Bartley. I quickly scanned the book and decided, quickly, that I must have a copy. And so must you, if you have an interest in photographing in the tropics, understanding electronic flash, or needing a great refresher on many different aspects of nature photography.

The book is well laid-out and attractive, with truly beautiful and, for potential visitors to the tropics wishing to photograph, very inspirational. Stunning photos illustrate the text, driving the text's points home, while at the end of each chapter there is a portfolio of images that further complements the points made in the preceding text. Greg's son, Christopher, did the graphics, which are simple but direct, clarifying points in an easy to understand illustration.”

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Renowned nature photographer and tech guru E. J. Peiker writes...

“The tropics can be among the most challenging places to photograph. Not only are you dealing with extreme temperatures, humidity, and rain, you have to deal with low light, subject obscuration and many other challenges. The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography is one of the largest and most comprehensive eBooks I have ever read. The format is stunning as are the photographs.

At a whopping 377 pages, absolutely nothing is left out. Natural light, artificial light, wildlife, habitat, and macro techniques are covered extensively. Additionally, equipment and the post processing techniques required to get the most from the sometimes difficult tropical environments are covered in detail. Specific instruction for the various types of subjects are detailed.

If you plan on a trip in the tropics, and even the subtropical environments such as those found in south Florida, this book is indispensable.”

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Nature Photographer magazine publisher Helen Longest Saccone writes...

"I highly recommend the E-book, The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography by Gregory Basco and Glenn Bartley. The information is invaluable for all photographers traveling to the tropics whether this is your first trip or your second, third, fourth, etc. Plus, the images are incredibly beautiful—they are visually stimulating. In addition to photo tips there is much more, including post processing information. The book is beautifully presented and since this is an E-book it is easy to carry along on your laptop or your tablet device."

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Nature Photographer Fabrizio Tessaro writes...

“This one of the most comprehensive e-books I have ever laid eyes on. Simply put it is awesome! Not only does the book extensively cover topics such as natural light, use of flash, landscape, wildlife and macro photography in great detail, but you will also find invaluable discussions on your subject, post processing and equipment just to name a few. Another bonus of this e-book is that you can load it on your laptop, tablet, i-pad and even your smart phone and have access to it’s vast information wherever your travels take you...”

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Philip Witt (photography instructor at Sherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary of the NJ Audubon Society, Bernardsville, NJ and President, Camera Naturalists Photo Club, New Jersey) writes...

“I have read many books on photography over the years, and The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography covers difficult issues in as clear and easily understandable way as I have ever seen.  In this book, Basco and Bartley--both well known nature photographers specializing in the New World tropics--tackle a range of general photography problems, such as use of flash or capturing extreme dynamic range in a scene.  They show how these universal problems apply in tropical settings, where conditions differ from those with which most temperate zone photographers are familiar...

My overall advice is: If you are going to the tropics to photograph nature, buy this ebook.  You won't regret it.  I've read many similar books, but this one is the clearest, most instructive of its kind.  The authors are not only gifted photographers, but also gifted teachers, and these qualities are apparent in the clarity of the thought, writing, and illustrations in the book.”

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Nature Photographer James McIntyre writes...

“This is an excellent book and should prove of great value to many nature photogs. I found a lot of the material familiar, but the presentation and approach provided a good review and will help lodge essential techniques in my mind.  I also picked up several new things that should prove helpful.”

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--Authors' note: James also provided with a number of thoughtful grammar and technical corrections and modifications that have helped to improve our e-book. Thanks, James!

Brian Small, Photo Editor for Birding Magazine, writes...

This new guide is really the first of it's kind, and it is a monumental achievement in it's scope, detail and quality. The images alone are worth the price of admission but this e-book is so much more. The real beauty of the work is its concise writing style that makes a sometimes difficult task seem easy to do. Nature photography in the tropics has never really been covered in such detail in a single resource before, and I think The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography quickly will become the Bible on the subject. Like the commercial says, if you are planning a photo trip to the tropics "don't leave home without it"!!

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Nature photographer Myer Bornstein writes...

“For all you photographers who are thinking about traveling to the tropics, either by yourself or on a workshop, I am recommending a brand-new E-book The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography by Gregory Basco and Glenn Bartley. I know both of these fine gentleman, and they are outstanding photographers and in this e-book have put together their knowledge of how to obtain outstanding photographs in the tropics...Because I believe this e-book is so important, it is now installed on my computer, iPad and in Dropbox so I can reference it wherever and whenever I want. This e-book is definitely worth the price and I give it five stars.”

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