Successful tropical nature photography is all about having a diverse photographic toolkit to ensure that you're ready to deal with the technical challenges of each shot, freeing your mind to work on the artistic side of your photography. We'll be taking you through the equipment you'll need, and we'll also teach you how to use that equipment in a variety of ways. And we'll give you tips on finding your subjects and "seeing" images in the field so that you can produce a beautiful and colorful tropical portfolio. What's more, the techniques you learn here will open up whole new worlds for your photography back home and on future travels. We believe strongly that if you can capture great images in the tropics, you'll be well-equipped to capture great images anywhere in the world.


Topics covered include the following:


- Exposure strategies for natural light.

- Auto-focus and other settings for shooting wildlife.

- Beginning and advanced flash techniques.

- Sharpness, exposure, and depth of field concerns for tropical landscapes.

- Natural history tips to help you find great subjects.

- Gear recommendations and post-processing tips.


   With over 400 pages of text, illustrative figures, example images, and showcase photographs with shooting data, The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography is a bargain in the world of specialized photographic e-books!